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A Wellness Journal for Mind, Body and Soul

Live With Intention

Three Weeks of Guided Introspection

By putting pen to paper in this three-week guided journal, you will bring awareness to habits and patterns that are not serving you. The tips, tools, and guides throughout will bring realization to the areas of life where you are stuck. 

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Balance and Nourish Offerings



Balancing the Bride




21 Clean Program Testimonials

This journal is unlike any others. It’s a very thoughtfully written guide to help you become aware of where you are right now and where you want to go in all facets of your life. It’s approachable, doable, and enlightening about yourself.


Working with Lauren is fantastic and 21Clean helped get me back on track with long term goals.


I love how this book is laid out. I've done a lot of cleanses and workshops for nutrition and wellness and the best part of Lauren's approach is she only focuses on one aspect per week and really dives into that before building on another. 


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