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Balance the Bride

Three Weeks of Guided Introspection

This program is designed for the bride to be. No matter the size of your wedding, a range of emotions can be experienced leading up to the big day, including excitement, anxiety, and joy. Trying to navigate not only your own emotions as a bride to be, but also often trying to accommodate those around you, can be draining. 


The weight of it all can take away from the excitement of this special time, and can also overshadow the focus of the day—the importance of your relationship with your partner to be.


On top of all the emotions is the physical pressure many brides (or others) put on themselves. Crash dieting not only doesn't work, it is unhealthy and will leave you drained and possibly irritable during what should be an amazing time. With adequate time there is a healthy way to look and feel your best for your big day. 

Image by Samantha Gades

Program Details

I want to help you look and feel your absolute best for your wedding, and after! Ideally, we work together at least a few months before your wedding date, so that you can spend the precious weeks prior to enjoying it all and dealing with last minute details. However, if you are down to the wire and need self-care, we will make it work! 

The program includes the following: 

  • A workbook to take you through each day of our program. Each day will have guided journaling exercises and will keep you on track for food and exercise goals. There will also be room for personal goal setting. We will arrive at these goals together during our coaching sessions. 

  • THREE, one-hour, private coaching sessions. Ideally, these are once a week during the program, but can be spaced to fit your schedule. 

  • Follow-up, in-depth emails detailing our coaching sessions and the steps to take moving forward. 

  • Email support during your entire session. I will always answer you within 24 hours. 

Investment: $675

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